The Best F*&#ing News Team Ever!

Aasif Mandvi Aasif Mandvi

Aasif Mandvi

Correspondent since 2006

Aasif Mandvi began performing at the age of seven as a pixie in a school play wearing tights and a bonnet. He knew from that moment on that discreet but comfortable leggings coupled with a desperate need for attention was the secret of success. Unaware of this at the time, but this type of beginning was perfect for a job as a correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," where the official uniform ironically happens to be "tights and a bonnet" ( worn discreetly under one's suit, of course).

Al Madrigal Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal

Correspondent since 2011

Named Best Stand-Up Comedian by the HBO/U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Al Madrigal's comedy has been called "dynamic" by The New York Times. His unique, spontaneous and fast-paced lyrical storytelling style has made him a regular on television with numerous appearances on Comedy Central including his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents Special and appearances on John Oliver's New York Stand-up Show and Pretend Time with Nick Swardson. Al has also appeared with Conan O'Brien (as one of the first 20 guests during his stint as host of "The Tonight Show," and on "Conan" on TBS) as well as multiple appearances on "Lopez Tonight," "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Hasan Minhaj Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj

Correspondent since 2014

Hasan Minhaj is a comedian, actor, and writer who was recently selected by the Sundance Institute to develop his solo show and feature film with the prestigious New Frontier Storytelling Lab. The screenplay for his feature film "Paint the Town" is the adaptation of "Sakoon," his autobiographical solo show based on his experiences as a first generation Indian-American. A featured storyteller for The Moth Mainstage Company, his work has garnered acclaim in film, online and television. Minhaj hosted the documentary special "Stand Up Planet" produced by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which aired on PBS, Pivot, KCET and Link TV, and his digital series "The Truth with Hasan Minhaj" has been featured in countless publications including The Huffington Post, Gawker and The New York Times.

Jason Jones Jason Jones

Jason Jones

Correspondent since 2004

Jason Jones is a very, very, very . . . very busy actor. His film work is extremely important to him, so he chooses to adopt only the finest roles. Originally from Canada, Jason has appeared in countless Canadian projects you've never heard of, and if he started to describe them, you'd immediately fall asleep. Suffice it to say, a few of them had to do with Mounties, Saskatchewan and the plight of the mid-18th-century East Coast miner. Currently, Jason can be seen on a show that is Daily and will soon be appearing alongside Ms. Congeniality.

Jessica Williams Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

Correspondent since 2012

After practically "killing it" at every single comedic venue in Los Angeles, Jessica decided it was time to conquer New York City. In 2012 she joined "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" as a new correspondent. Jessica plans to destroy everything that she sees both comedically and physically. As a result, there are a lot of things broken around the studio. She loves it.

John Hodgman John Hodgman

John Hodgman

Contributor since 2006

John Hodgman is "The Daily Show's" Resident Expert, commenting on subjects as diverse as the economy, net neutrality, reptiloids, time travel, elitism, and headlice. Apart from the many fake books he has advertised on the show, scholars agree he has actually written two real books -- "The Areas of My Expertise" and "More Information Than You Require" although these books are primarily made up of fake facts. Additionally, Hodgman has worked as a cheesemonger, traffic counter, advice columnist, journalist and personal computer.

Jordan Klepper Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper

Correspondent since 2014

Jordan Klepper joins The Daily Show as a correspondent after five years as a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. He has starred in several long-running shows at UCB and in sketches for the UCB Comedy Channel. He co-created and co-starred in the UCB Comedy-produced pilot presentation Engaged, which was featured at the New York Television Festival. Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Keppler studied improv at Improv Olympic and Second City in Chicago. During his time at iO, he co-created and co-starred in the long running hit sketch show "Steve and Jordan, Respectively." He has also worked as a writer and contributor to the Big Ten Network show "Friday Night Tailgate.

Kristen Schaal Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal

Contributor since 2008

Kristen Schaal was named Best Alternative Comic at the 2006 HBO Comedy Arts Festival and won a New York Nightlife Award for Best Female Stand-Up. Kristen was also the recipient of the second annual Andy Kaufman Award hosted by the New York Comedy Festival. In October 2005, Kristen was included in New York Magazine's "Ten Funniest New Yorkers You've Never Heard Of." Along with her comedy partner Kurt Braunohler, Kristen was nominated for the Edinburgh Festival's If.Comedy Award, the most prestigious award in the world named after a web site. Kristen is the Senior Women's Correspondent for The Daily Show. She was also a writer for South Park, but chose to leave the show after she was fired. Kristen was a series regular on HBO's Flight of the Conchords and her voice can be heard on FOX's Bob's Burgers. She's appeared for about one minute in a handful of movies. She and Daily Show writer Rich Blomquist co-wrote The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex.

Lewis Black Lewis Black

Lewis Black

Contributor since 1996

Lewis Black is one of the most prolific and popular performers working today. He executes a brilliant trifecta as stand-up comedian, actor and author. Receiving critical acclaim, he performs over 200 nights a year to sold-out audiences throughout Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Black's live performances provide a cathartic release of anger and disillusionment for his audience. A passionate performer who is more pissed-off optimist than mean-spirited curmudgeon, he's perfected expressing what the rest of us cannot say in polite company. Its no wonder hes been compared to Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, and Bill Hicks.

Samantha Bee Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee

Correspondent since 2001

Samantha Bee was born and raised in Toronto Canada and understands that, yes, it's very clean there. Having no appreciable skill set or professional aspirations, she turned to acting and found it compatible with her lazy lifestyle. She began her career by doing numerous commercial campaigns, as well as participating in the all-female sketch troupe The Atomic Fireballs. In 2003 she joined the cast of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and now holds the title of Most Senior Correspondent, having systematically eliminated all those before her. In addition to her work on "The Daily Show," Bee can be seen opposite her husband Jason Jones in the feature film "Cooper's Camera," in the upcoming feature "Motherhood," and has most recently filmed a tiny part in a Woody Allen film, which she is praying won't be cut.

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