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Antoine Vézina Antoine Vézina

Antoine Vézina

Antoine Vézina is a québécois actor and improvisor. He has played in many different TV series (LA JOB, TOUT SUR MOI, LES EX) and in the movies, in the fourth chapter of the Boys series. But it is in the theatre (Théâtre extrême, Ladies and gentlemen), and as an improvisor, that Antoine Vézina is the most famous. He has notably won in 1996 the Prix de la recrue de l’année for University improv, besides winning the title of Joueur recrue de 2002 for the Ligue nationale d’improvisation (LNI).

Julie Ménard Julie Ménard

Julie Ménard

Julie Ménard is a québécois actress, comedian and singer-songwriter. In 1996, after obtaining her diploma from L’École nationale de théâtre du Canada, Julie Ménard starts her career on the big screen with the film Aujourd’hui ou jamais. A comedian, singer and musician, Julie Ménard has more than one string to her bow. She has participated in the Festival international de la chanson de Granby and went to the semifinals in the singer-songwriter category. In the movies, in addition to playing in Aujourd’hui ou jamais, she also appeared in So Far Away and Blue and Le collectionneur. On the stage, we have seen her in productions such as La nostalgie du paradis, Vague de fond and Les gaffeurs. In 2000, Julie Ménard obtained her first role in the TV series WILLIE. Afterwards, we have seen the comedian in HOMMES EN QUARANTAINE, LA VIE REVEE DE MARIO JEAN and DETECT INC. She plays the part of Sophie in the TV series LA PROMESSE and is the very peculiar Josée in CAMERA CAFE.

Martin Drainville Martin Drainville

Martin Drainville

Martin Drainville is a québécois actor. The versatility and great talent of Martin Drainville have allowed him to work as a comedian, presenter, humorist, singer and director. In May 1987, Martin Drainville obtains his diploma (option théâtre) from Cégep Lionel-Groulx and makes his theatrical career debut in Le malade imaginaire by Molière, and Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou. Since 1987, the comedian has played in more than 28 different theatre plays. He also is a TV comedian and presenter, besides lending his voice to several TV and radio commercials. In 1988, he obtained his first movie role in the film Trois pommes à côté du sommeil. We later see him in Les heures précieuses, Nénette, Ding et Dong, le film, La Florida, Louis 19, Angelo, Frédo et Roméo, L'homme idéal, C't'à ton tour, Laura Cadieux, The Score and L'Odyssée d'Alice Tremblay.

Réal Bossé Réal Bossé

Réal Bossé

Réal Bossé is a québécois actor born in Rivière-Bleue (Québec) in a family of thirteen children. Réal Bossé has received several additional trainings that have contributed to develop his aptitudes, at both vocal and non-verbal communication levels. From 1987 till 1991, he attended the École de mime corporel de Montréal, where he received his specific training in mime. In 1991, he obtained his Baccalauréat en art dramatique at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). Since the end of his studies, in the 80s, his busy career has been leading him everywhere really: in the theatre, in the cinema and television. Réal Bossé has also been for several years a member of the Ligue nationale d’improvisation (the L.N.I).

Sylvie Moreau Sylvie Moreau

Sylvie Moreau

Sylvie Moreau is a québécois actress born in Montreal. She was particularly noticed in the comedy series CATHERINE, that was originally broadcasted in 1998 by Radio-Canada, and we have seen her later in the popular movie Dans une galaxie près de chez-vous. In 1985, she registred at Université du Québec in dramatic art to start a five year course in mime corporel. In 1989, she obtained her Baccalauréat while completing, that same year, a course in postsynchronization. In 1995, she joined the improvisors of the Ligue nationale d’improvisation (L.N.I.).

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