With South Park on an extended hiatus until the Fall, we are going through withdrawl. As we wait for Season 17, here are 10 of our favourite celebrity slayings (so far.)

10. Rob Reiner - Butt Out ( Ep. 713)

After Rob Reiner tries to warn kids about the dangers of smoking, the boys realize how cool it really is
Fun Fact! Rob Reiner was married to Penny Marshall from 1971-1981. Rob went on to create the greatest film of all time 'This Is Spinal Tap' in 1984. Lesson = nothing but good comes out of a divorce.

9. Michael Jackson - The Jeffersons (Ep. 807)

All the children of South Park are attracted to “Mr. Jefferson” and his son and their home filled with games, toys and animals.
Fun Fact! If you're like me and enjoy spelling mistakes and memorials, you'll love the Michael Jackson Fan Club book of condolence. After all "IVE GOT KNOTS IN MY STOUMACH. CANT STAND THIS MISSING ,MISSING ,MISSING." Sham-ohn. Etc. 

8. Mel Gibson - The Passion of the Jew (Ep. 804)

Kyle finally sees The Passion of the Christ and admits that Cartman has been right about the Jewish people all along. After Stan and Kenny see the film, they pursue Mel Gibson to get their money back.
Fun Fact! You probably know that Mel is a HUGE racist, but did you know he's also a homophobe too? It's true! In a 1991 interview with a Spanish newspaper, Melly was asked what he thought of gay people. Like anyone, he replied "They take it up the ass." then pointed to ced ass and followed "this is only for taking a shit." Really. When given the chance to recant in a 1995 Playboy interview, Gibson quipped "I'll apologize when hell freezes over. They can fuck off."  You stay classy, Martin Riggs. 

7. Oprah (via her Minge) - A Million Little Fibres (Ep. 1005)

Towelie gets over his drug addition and writes a moving book about his experiences. Thanks to Oprah’s support, the book becomes a best seller and his story inspires millions to turn their lives around.
Fun Fact! Oprah has dated both Roger Ebert and John Tesh. Like Clooney, she refuses to settle. 

6. Tom Cruise - Trapped in the Closet (Ep. 912)

When Stan is identified as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, Cruise shows up looking for his approval. When Stan criticizes his work, Tom locks himself in the closet and refuses to come out.
Fun Fact! This mag cover actually exists. 
Bonus Fun Fact! Gail Sheehy, writer of 'Living to 100' is still alive at 75 years old. 25 to go Gail...we're keeping tabs. 

5. Kanye West - Fishsticks (Ep. 1305)

Cartman and Jimmy come up with a new joke. The joke starts to take off and it even hits all the late night talk shows. The boys are thrilled until Kanye tries to take all the credit.
Fun Fact! South Park called this meltdown way before KW's Taylor Swift ambush at the MTV Video awards. Tragically, the "Let Me Finish" photo meme died too young at 36 hours after the awards show completed.

4. Tiger Woods - Sexual Healing (Ep. 1401)

The latest in scientific testing reveals that some of the boys at South Park Elementary have the same ailment as Tiger: a sex addition problem.
Fun Fact! In a 1997 interview with GQ, Tiger joked "lesbians get places so quickly because they're always going 69." The scandal that followed shut him up for 13 years until his pants exploded. 

3. Russell Crowe - The New Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer (Ep. 604)

The boys will stop at nothing to watch the new Terrance and Phillip movie trailer. Even if it means sitting through thirty minutes of "Russell Crowe: Fightin' Round the World."
Fun Fact! A young Russell dropped the last name to take on the music industry as "Rus le Roq" and even had a moderate hit with "I Want To Be Like Marlon Brando." He later formed a band called "Roman Antix" which morphed into the semi-known "30 Odd Foot Of Grunts." Russell Crowe is the Don Draper of shitty band names. 

2. George Lucas - The China Probrem (Ep. 1208)

The American people are haunted by the memory of seeing the latest Indiana Jones film.
Fun Fact! Despite the allegations in this episode, George did not actually rape our favourite professor, Mr. Jones. For the record, it was consensual over-the-clothes stuff. 

1. Bono - More Crap (Ep. 1109)

Stan’s dad becomes a hero when the guys down at the local bar see the size of his most recent crap. The only thing standing in his way of the record is a guy named Bono.
Fun Fact! Bono is almost never seen in public without his signature sunglasses. When asked about it, B.O has attributed them to his "sensitive eyes" and a tragic incident as a young irish lad where the streets had no name. Because he couldn't read the signs.