Amy Schumer—whose show Inside Amy Schumer premieres tonight at 10:30pm!—offered some pistachio wisdom.

Tosh was cracking the pistachios too.

Meanwhile Daily Show wunderkind Jessica Williams responded to backlash over her being a baby.

And Stephen Colbert explained why he sucks at math.

Turns out Conan could have given his White House Correspondents’ Dinner set in Klingon.

Frequent tweeter Kumail Nanjiani—who appeared on The Jeselnik Offensive this week and The Nerdist last week—made a classic Superman joke.

Kroll Show regular Jon Daly knows we’ll never get sick of Borat jokes.

Finally, this week’s Nerdist guests Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel travelled to England and mused about buttholes, respectively.