1. Nick Offerman—aka Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation—showed up at Conan to chop wood while reading tweets by bubbly female celebrities.
2. Nathan Fielder offered a rebate to patrons of Sevan Gas, a struggling gas station—then made them camp overnight in the bush for a chance to maybe, but not definitely, get their money back. Note: you are required to watch this storyline all the way through to its baffling conclusion.
3. Decidedly not roughing it in the woods, Amy Schumer snuggled up on her sofa for a night of sending ill-advised sexts (“I want to hug your penis.”) and eating cold spaghetti by the fistful.
4. While The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams discovered the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo.
5. And Colbert visited Maryland’s 4th district, the first black suburban district in the country, for the 69th instalment of his 434-part series “Better Know a District.” Click this link to see him do a hilariously half-assed impression of an old lady.