Amy Schumer—whose new show Inside Amy Schumer airs tonight at 10:30pm—made the mistake of trying to explain streaming to a dad.

Now just imagine Nathan Fielder saying this tweet aloud in his creepy deadpan.

Speaking of creepy, I think Bob Saget’s balls might be a public safety issue. (Saget was just as much of a dirtbag when he guested on Conan last week.)

On a more wholesome note, Stephen Colbert expanded on his recent revelation that Jesus was a hipster.

Meanwhile, John Oliver (who’s only ever tweeted 25 times!) offered some reassuring words about his upcoming stint as host of The Daily Show when Jon Stewart goes away for the summer.

And fellow Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal (catch his special Saturday at 9ep) wished a happy Cinco de Mayo to all the posers.

Finally, some warm thoughts from Kroll Show’s Nick Kroll and Daniel Tosh.