While waiting for Match Game season two to get started, host Darrin Rose gave us a lesson on hip-hop history. 

And Colbert used classic potty humour to teach us about geography.

The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal was also feeling the poo jokes this week. Don’t show this tweet to a germophobe.

 Not about poop, but still gross: Inside Amy Schumer guest star Abby Elliott is reasonably icked out by dudes’ foot selfies.
Meanwhile Conan can’t/won’t stop making Benedict Cumberbatch jokes. (He did it again on his show today!)
Jen Kirkman did stand-up on Conan last Thursday. Now that she’s is a published author, girlfriend is ballllliiinnnnnnn.
And fellow Conan guest Jim Gaffigan said what we’re all not thinking.
Also, who hijacked Tosh’s Twitter?