Match Game is a silly show starring silly people. So naturally the mood on set skews to the hyperactive side. Scroll down for a glimpse at some behind-the-scenes goofing off, presented in handy six-second doses.  
In the Vine below, Russell Peters introduces his distinguished panelmates. In addition to Debra DiGiovanni and Sean Cullen, Match Game’s fixture comedians, there’s also Bobby Lee, Ingrid Haas and Kristeen von Hagen. Plus host Darrin Rose gets a super-excited wave in there at the end.

John Hodgman (aka The Daily Show’s Deranged Millionaire) captures what seems to be a conversation about Betty White between Debra and comedian Andrew Johnston.

Comedian/total diva Mark Little left an apology and a request for his makeup artist.

Everyone’s looking pretty in this one. Norm MacDonald giggles and Laura Cilevitz fixes her hair, while Lauren Ash adjusts her boobs. And Jason DeRosse does, uh, something?

Boobs again! This time courtesy of Horatio Sanz. This award-deserving video also stars Inessa Frantowski and Emma Hunter doing some kind of flail-dance, and Al Mukadam as a cross-eyed person.

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