In celebration of Father’s Day, Daniel Tosh got all warm and fuzzy with this somewhat uncomfortable holiday greeting.

Conan’s kids managed to cut through the Father’s Day awkwardness with sarcasm.

And Sean O’Connor, who just did an episode of The Half Hour, deserves a thank you for incorporating Borat into our Father’s Day festivities.

Anthony Jeselnik, who is not a father, tweeted about Kanye being a new dad.

While Stephen Colbert, who is a father, got nit-picky about Chewbacca—who apparently has a son named Lumpawarrump.

Over on Samantha Bee’s feed, things were less about dads and more about cabbies who drive like granddads.

This next tweet from The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal is about socks. It is in no way about your father.

And Nathan Fielder should change his name to Tim. He’d make a good Tim.