When Sharknado first gusted onto TV screens late last week, social media was all over it like a great white on an open wound. For those of you who had your heads in the sand during this esteemed cinematic event, Sharknado is a movie about a tornado made of sharks starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, and it’s straight-up batshit nuts.
The film is airing again tonight at 9e/6p on Space—because once is never enough when it comes to watching giant sea creatures flapping through the air, destroying everything in their path. In the meantime, read some of our favourite Sharknado tweets below.
Conan’s preferred marine disaster movie sounds like a Tuesday night special at Red Lobster.

In 2009, Lorenzo Lamas starred in the lyrical masterpiece Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus. Sadly for Match Game’s Debra DiGiovanni, he does not appear in Sharknado.

Although they dug the premise, both The Daily Show’s Jason Jones and Kroll Show’s Jon Daly thumbs-downed the film’s Tim and Eric-esque aesthetic.

While Tim Heidecker himself, as well as Horatio Sanz, reminded us that a sharknado is no a joking matter.

Along similarly solemn lines, BJ Novak feared for our sharknado-filled future.

And Richard Dreyfuss, star of the now-second-most-popular shark movie ever made, revealed a sharknado-related true Hollywood secret.

Someone write a think piece inspired by this Patton Oswalt tweet.

Wes Anderson should direct Sharknado 2, and it should be in stop-motion, and the shark should wear Boy Scout shorts and a little scarf around its neck and carry a cute vintage suitcase and be voiced by Anjelica Huston.

Lena Dunham is all wrong on this one. It’s almost certain that most people who watched Sharknado watched it for the sincere love of shark tornados.