Ryan Belleville is a star and writer on the new sitcom Satisfaction, which begins airing on Comedy this Friday, July 5 at 9:30pm ET. He hates climbing hills.

Following DOMA’s strike-down last week, Samantha Bee had a novel idea.

Ever a friend to his northern neighbours, Andy Richter made sure they were celebrating Canada Day in Brussels and Kiev.

While Conan had his brain in the boobs.

During his sit-down with Conan and Andy last week, Nick Swardson confessed that he can’t stop tweeting about poo. This isn’t exactly a shit tweet, but it’s still digestive.

While doing his stand-up special for The Half Hour, Mike Lawrence made a lot of jokes about being a geek. Here’s further evidence that he’s a pocket-protector poindexter.

Jared Logan’s Half Hour episode also aired this past weekend, but he’s more a Kanye than Urkel.

Nathan Fielder is also verified. So he’s living the life of a fancy baby.