And now for a little ditty about Dolly Parton and her former boss Porter Wagoner (played by Rich Fulcher, the dude who previously got wasted and made fun of Abraham Lincoln’s long arms). According to a many-drinks-deep Seth Weitberg, one of the Drunk History producers, in 1967 Wagoner recruited Parton to be the girl singer on The Porter Wagoner Show, his long-running musical TV series. Parton wanted to build a solo career, but Wagoner’s rigid ideas about songwriting held her back from success. It wasn’t until 1973, when she signed an autograph for a young, auburn-haired girl named Jolene, that it all clicked into place. “Jolene… Jolene… Joleeeeeene… Jolene,” Parton said (via Weitberg), “That is the name of a fucking country and western song.” And the rest is slobbery, semi-coherent history.
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