1.     Being “too busy” is no excuse to have missed watching Colbert’s epic dance routine to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. After the artists cancelled their Colbert Report appearance due to a conflict with the MTV, Colbert decided to twirl around to their song anyway—with a little help from backup dancers Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Damon, Bryan Cranston, Hugh Laurie, Nick Cannon, and Jon Stewart.
2.     Classy-ish drunk Natasha Leggero tells the story of kidnap victim-turned-bank robber Patty Hearst. In Leggero’s words, “She’s, like, a great example of a really rich person who could have stayed and idiot, and who was like, now I understand, like, what’s it’s like.” Kristen Wiig took on the role of Hearst for this week’s Drunk History reenactment.
3.     Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee try to figure out why it’s so hard to talk about race by getting two groups of people to talk about it. The results reveal exactly why it’s so hard to talk about it.
4.     Perturbed by the intel that his associate producer Jordan Schlansky was coming to work late every Friday, Conan staked out his office and put him through an inquisition. Although Conan was trying to be a hard-ass, most of the questions were about why Jordan keeps such a tiny pepper mill on his desk and where his Stars Wars action figures came from. 
5.     And the latest from our JFL coverage: an interview with prominent Twitter luminary Kyle Kinane!