What are friends for, if not to ridicule your career decisions, lambaste your personal life, and mock your every quirk on national TV? Clearly not much, since it was announced this weekend that Seth Rogen will act as Roast Master at the upcoming roast for his longtime bud James Franco, which will air September 2 on Comedy.
Rogen already threw Franco into the frying pan once this year: in This Is the End, Rogen’s directorial debut (here's our interview with Rogen and co-creator Evan Goldberg), Franco played a slightly fictionalized—and not exactly flattering—version of himself who made lame art and was just a little bit in love with Rogen.
But there’s still plenty of Franco meat that’s ready to be tenderized, seasoned, and baked for hours under the warm glow of a nation’s laugh-at-you laughter. Expect weed humour, digs about his PhD, jokes about those Vice articles he keeps writing, laughing about that time he hosted the Oscars, and pretty much every other weird thing you’ve ever heard about Franco doing. He asked for this.