What it was:
An in-the-living-flesh, live-action version of Match Game. This time with all the bad swears included!
The host:
Television’s Darrin Rose, wearing a slim-cut grey suit with a mauve shirt.
The panelists:
Sean Cullen, who was in a sing-song mood (seriously, lots of singing)
Emma Hunter, who hit on a 14-year-old boy in the crowd the whole time
Graham Chittenden, our Comedy @ JFL42 host!
Maria Bamford, who made up the beautiful word “goldenry”
Sean Patton, who brought three back-up beers on stage
Ryan Belleville, who just wanted to play the game nice, you guys
The contestants:
The contestants were four dudes with four generic dude names. I can’t remember what their names were exactly, but let’s say Shane, Shawn, Sam, and Seth. It was something like that.
What happened in round one:
Round one was very similar to round one of the TV show. Emma Hunter made eyes at a teen in the crowd while Graham Chittenden expressed amused disgust with her behaviour. Maria Bamford tried to figure out the game and Sean Patton drew terrible things on his little white board. There was a question about the royal baby, and a question about cowboys, and a question about a pirate, and a question about Paula Deen.
In the end, two contestants didn’t make it to the next round. Let’s say those were Sam and Seth.
What happened in round two:
The two remaining contestants (Shane and Shawn?) had to guess matches based on survey results, with mostly unhelpful “help” from the panelists. Maria Bamford confused “hairy” and “harry,” which was pretty endearing.
Who won:
Shane! In the final round, a man named Shane definitely won. He took home tickets to see Hannibal Buress, a Comedy Network hangover kit, and $10,000.
Only one of those prizes wasn’t real.