We just pulled a new batch of Match Game panelists out of the oven, and they taste good. Here’s who you can see on the show for the next five days.
Norm Macdonald
It’s not not a big deal that Norm Macdonald is a panelist this week. He’s the former host of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live and current host of the Norm Macdonald Live video podcast. He’s also a legendary golf tweeter/mysterious tweet deleter. And he’s just a straight-up famous stand-up. Presumably Macdonald’s his dry wit will come in handy on Match Game this week. No word on his talent when it comes to actually making matches.
Chris Locke    
Chris Locke had many adventures while serving as our Just For Laughs host earlier this summer. He met Amy Poehler on the red carpet and admired Seth Meyers’ suit. He tasted a kinda-weird tofu burger. He almost got probed by some living statues. And in a terrifying interview-turned-freakshow, he got screamed at by Sean Cullen’s eyeballs. Tune in to Match Game this week to see if Cullen glares him down again.
Plus: those in Toronto can also catch Chris at JFL 42 starting this Thursday, September 19!
Mark Little
Mark Little will also be performing in JFL 42 this coming week, alongside fellow former Picnicface member Kyle Dooley. Little was recently chosen as one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch, and previously won the Just For Laughs Homegrown Competition and the Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off. Which is a lot of prizes for one person. To find out why Little’s a big deal, you can watch his Comedy Now! special here on Comedy, or check out his new web series Dad Drives, in which he plays a shitty dad driving his son around in a car.
Emma Hunter
According to Darrin Rose, Emma Hunter is really bad at Match Game. “She’s done like 30 episodes this year, and she got probably four matches the whole time,” he told us a few weeks back. But who cares if she’s bad at matching when she’s really good at both joking and being charming? Not only is Hunter going to be on a whole bunch of Match Game episodes this season, she can also soon be seen as the judge of Pop Quiz, a new show coming to E! this fall.