This week’s Match Game panelists were grown from a mysterious fungus in a test tube by a mad scientist wearing a top hat and humming “Super Freak” to himself. They are:
Catherine O’Hara
Some of you may know Catherine O’Hara best as “Kevin’s mom” from Home Alone, but she’s done a lot more than running through an airport in a panic. She got her start as one of the cast members on SCTV in the 1970s, and has since appeared in many, many films and television shows, including 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm, plus lots of Christopher Guest movies. She’s a Canadian comedy legend!
Greg Bryk
Come January, Greg Bryk will be transforming into a werewolf. Not because of the full moon—just because of TV. He’s one of the stars of the upcoming supernatural drama Bitten, based on the novels by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, which premieres on Space this winter. On Bitten, Bryk will play Jeremy Danvers, leader of a secret pack of werewolves who live in a big sexy mansion called Stonehaven. On Match Game he’ll just be a regular man, trying to match words.
Amanda Brooke Perrin
Up-and-coming Toronto stand-up Amanda Brooke Perrin was so pumped up about her appearance on this season of Match Game—and about meeting Catherine O’Hara—that she made this very endearing video blog about her day on set. This week, she can be seen opening for Ivan Decker at JFL42, and will also be appearing in Chuckle Co.’s JFL42 show at Comedy Bar on September 25.
Emma Hunter
Emma Hunter is back! We can’t guarantee she’ll get more matches than last week, but we can promise she’ll provide her share of laughs. Plus, did you see her hair in that Amanda Brooke Perrin video? Worth watching for that alone.