Some of Jeff Dunham’s characters look like they’d fit in just as well in a scary movie as onstage at a comedy show. So it makes sense that his last special, Minding the Monsters, was set in a haunted house and featured classic Dunham characters dressed up as slightly more disturbing version of themselves. The Minding the Monsters tour may be over, but with Halloween on its way, this is an excellent time of year to get a dose of Dunham. And there are several ways to do so in the coming weeks.
Disorderly Conduct, Dunham’s current major tour, will be making several pit stops in Canada over the next couple months. All your favourite Dunham friends are back: Achmed the Dead Terrorist (the most obviously spooky), Walter the Grumpy Retiree (out of his Frankenstein attire from Minding the Monsters, but still unpleasant), beer-crushing redneck Bubba J, hyperactive purple woozle Peanut (we don’t know what a woozle is, but that’s the official term), and José Jalapeño, the tiny jalapeño on a stick.
Mark your calendar for the following Canadian tour dates:
October 23 – Windsor, ON – The WFCU Centre
October 24 – Kitchener, ON – Kitchener Auditorium
October 25 – Kingston, ON – Rogers K-Rock Centre
October 26 – Ottawa, ON – Canadian Tire Centre
November 20 – Halifax, NS – Halifax Metro Centre
November 21 – St. John, NB – Harbour Station
Even if you don’t reside in one of these cities, there’s no reason to get all Walter-style cranky. Over the next few weeks on Comedy, we’ll be airing Dunham’s most recent two comedy specials. This coming Saturday, October 5, catch Controlled Chaos at 10ep, followed by Minding the Monsters on Saturday, October 12 at 10ep. It may not be the same as seeing him in person, but at least you can eat mini bags of Lays while watching from the comfort of your own sofa.
And if that’s still not enough Dunham for you, may we suggest dressing up as one of his characters for Halloween? These Peanut and Walter costumes look pretty dead-on.