A sweet old granny knitted this week’s Match Game panelists from a ball of the softest pink wool while watching reruns of Wheel of Fortune. They are:
Kristen Schaal
If you aren’t charmed by Kristen Schaal, you probably have a rotting banana for a heart. Schaal is best known for playing Mel on Flight of The Conchords and Hazel on 30 Rock, as well as for her frequent contributions to The Daily Show. Her stand-up special, Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore, premiered in April to some confusion: rather than a straight string of jokes, it was more of a performance piece depicting an act gone terribly wrong. Definitely worth a watch—which you can do right here!
Dave Merheje
At last year’s Just for Laugh’s Festival in Montreal, Lebanese-Canadian comedian Dave Merheje made Bill Hader cry laughing with the story of how his “old-school Middle Eastern guy” father used to dress up as Santa Claus every Christmas. As for his own style, Merheje usually has some variation on the hat-glasses-beard combo going on—though he recently went (almost) naked for this promo for National Coming Out Day. We assume he’ll be wearing clothes for his stint on Match Game.
Fraser Young
When Match Game vet Fraser Young returns to the show this week, he’ll probably match some words but won’t necessarily wear matching socks. You may recognize Young from his days holding Justin Timberlake accountable for his moves on Video on Trial, or more recently from his appearances as a panelist on The Hour. To get a sense of Young’s earlier work, check out his 2001 Comedy Now! special by clicking right here.
Emma Hunter
Another week, another five episodes of Emma Hunter acting depraved. What do you think will happen this time? Will she assault an adolescent? Will she draw pictures of testicles? Will she get even one answer right? Tune in to find out.