We bit into a pastry and this week’s Match Game panelists oozed out. They are:
Tom Cavanagh
Probably best known for playing Ed on the TV show Ed, Tom Cavanagh’s real name is not Ed but Tom. These days, Cavanagh hosts the Nerdist podcast Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, in which him and Michael Ian Black eat and review snacks for over forty minutes. Almost an hour of talking per snack. Recent snacks covered on the podcast include freeze-dried ice cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and raisins.
Teddy Wilson
While being interviewed from the set of Match Game earlier this summer, Teddy Wilson said he’d developed a “complex system based on matrixes and chaos math” to help him play the game. So expect him to be really, really good on the show. For those of you not in the know, Wilson is one of the hosts of InnerSpace over on Space. And he also co-hosts Never Ever Do This at Home, a show about two dudes doing whatever they want to a house—like blowing it up and lighting it on fire.
Norm Sousa
Norm Sousa is Teddy Wilson’s co-dude on Never Ever Do This at Home. And while shooting the second season last week, he apparently burned his hair off. And then almost burned the whole house down. Things he might set on fire on Match Game this week include: the Star Wheel, Darrin Rose’s beard, Sean Cullen.
Emma Hunter
Match Game isn’t the only game show Emma Hunter is a part of these days. Starting November 4, you can see her (and her unreal hair) on Pop Quiz, a new pop culture trivia show. In the meantime, Hunter will be hitting on her own pumpkin and trying to match more words on this week’s Match Game episodes.