Every night @midnight, one comedian is named Funniest Person in the World for the Next Twenty-Three and a Half Hours. Or for the weekend, if it’s Thursday’s show.
Here’s who reigned this week:
Monday’s winner: Jonah Ray
Runner up: Howard Kremer
Total loser: Ali Wong
The final test: Name this Russian bodybuilder’s spunky dance routine.
Ray’s winning title: “So You Think You Can Prance”
Full episode: right here.
Tuesday’s winner: Michael Che
Runner up: Iliza Shlesinger
Total loser: Rhys Darby
The final test: Respond to a rich Serbian bachelor looking for a young (16-20-yr-olds ONLY) bride “to spend their life by my side and within all the beauties of my home.” Beauties that include lots of fur coats and gold-plated everything.
Che’s winning proposal: “most of this s**t is actually nice. youre like a white ma$e. what you know about going out, heading west, red lex, tvs all up in the headrests?”
Full episode: right here.
Wednesday’s winner: Ron Funches
Runner up: Randy Sklar
Total loser: Jason Sklar
The final test: Tweet the first words spoken by “Chuckesme,” a terrifying animatronic doll that was originally supposed to represent baby Renesmee in Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Sadly, Chuckesme never made her big-screen debut; realizing the puppet baby was destined to be the butt of jokes on shows like @midnight, the producers went with a CGI Renesmee instead.
Funches’ winning Tweet: “I love you mama Kim and papa Kanye”
Full episode: right here.
Thursday’s winner: Paul F. Tompkins
Runner up: Baron Vaughn
Total loser: Julie Klausner
The final test: Toast the decapitated couple who celebrated their wedding with this horror movie–themed wedding cake.
Tompkins’ winning toast: “What can I say about these two? Nothing, because I’m not at this wedding. No one is. Because who would be friends with these demented creeps.”
Full episode: right here.