Jon Stewart had pretty much the same reaction we all did to Rob Ford’s graphic oral-sex comment yesterday: shouting WHATTT WHAAAAT WHAAAT WAHHHHAAATTT over and over with a look of total astonishment on his face. Stewart began last night’s Ford coverage by guiding viewers through a recap of the mayor’s latest dramas: his admission that he has bought illegal drugs in the last two years, city council voting 37-5 to ask him to take a leave of absence, the release of a police report stating that Ford had been seen drinking and driving, consorting with a suspected prostitute, and snorting cocaine. “But all of this,” Stewart said, “the allegations, the intoxicated rant tapes, the crack smoking he believes is excused somehow by his rampant alcoholism—all of this pales in comparison to this next moment.” Cue the clip of the comment we all wish we could unhear forever.
See Stewart’s reaction below, or click here to watch last night’s full episode.