Not enough John Oliver in your life since he finished his stint as host of The Daily Show this past summer? Make sure you're keeping up to date with John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, airing Fridays at 12ep. Each episode features a lineup of on-the-rise comedians, but starts with a set from Oliver, often exploring (read: mocking) peculiarities about life in the United States. In the most recent episode, for example, Oliver recapped the time Animal Planet aired a documentary on Mermaids and everyone thought it was real. (This War of the Worlds-ish incident happened in 2013, not 1938.) He then gave a convincing argument in favour of immigration, which boiled down to: let in immigrants, have a less douchey population.
Check out Oliver's performance below—or click here to watch this week's full episode, featuring sets by Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, and Rory Scovel, one of the stars of Ground Floor.