Norm Macdonald
Really Famous Canadian/Comedian Norm Macdonald returns to Match Game this week, following his first appearance back in September. Since then, Macdonald has been playing his usual game of tweeting a whole bunch of stuff everybody thinks is awesome then deleting all it. If his intention is to erase evidence of his words, it’s not really working: pretty much all of his tweets get immortalized elsewhere on the web. See: this recap of Macdonald’s (spoiler heavy) interpretation of the Breaking Bad finale; this report on his Bret Easton Ellis burn; or this very recent summary of the day he trolled Lena Dunham.
Lauren Ash
Listen people, Lauren Ash recently went to a Blink-182 concert. If that fact alone doesn’t affirm her status as an excellent human, there’s also her bucket of comedy credentials. Ash is a former member of the Second City Toronto Mainstage and a five-time Canadian Comedy Award winner who’s appeared on shows like Almost Heroes, Scare Tactics, and Lost Girl. These days, she spends her Fridays partying with Rebel Wilson as a lead cast member on the new sitcom Super Fun Night. Or listening to her neighbour belting Miley.
Jason DeRosse
Like Lauren Ash, Toronto comic Jason DeRosse is an alumnus of the Second City Mainstage. He performs regularly as part of the “improvised FRAT PARTY” Mantown, which won Best Improv Troupe at the Canadian Comedy Awards this past October. His TV credits include roles on Hotbox, SketchersonsTV (cause he also used to be in The Sketchersons), Dan for Mayor, and Meet the Parents.
Laura Cilevitz
Laura Cilevitz already did a stint on Match Game last year, so she’s probably going to do a really good job this week. You’ll probably recognize the Sketchersons vet from her roles in numerous television commercials, or from her appearances on the TV series Video on Trial, SketchersonsTV, and Beauty and the Beast. Visit her Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute info on the Rob Ford scandal, holiday eating, and cooking in crop tops.