It’s the final week of Match Game season two! Our last-but-not-least roster of lineup of panelists were picked up by Darrin Rose while hitchhiking on the outskirts of Toronto.
Catherine O’Hara
The amazing Catherine O’Hara is back this week! If you’re still seeing question marks when you hear her name—despite our very comprehensive bio back in September—we recommend listening to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast with O’Hara, which was recorded back in August. She was part of Maron’s “Week of Improv Comedy Legends,” so you know she’s a big deal. Plus, IMDB says she’s about to star in a movie with Peter Dinklage!
J.P. Manoux
According to J.P. Manoux’s Twitter bio, he is a very impressive human being. Not only is he a robot mime and a surgeon, he’s also a self-verified Peruvian emperor. And this winter, he’ll be adding another line to his resume: Manoux is one of the stars of Spun Out, an upcoming sitcom premiering soon on CTV. Spun Out certainly won’t be Manoux’s first foray into TV comedy—his previous credits include The League, Modern Family, Community, Men at Work, and The L.A. Complex.
Nick Beaton
Back in July, comedian Nick Beaton was hanging out at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, eating cream cheese on burgers and teaching Chris Locke how to use a microphone. Nowadays, he’s tweeting about Rob Ford (like everybody else with a computer and functioning finger joints) and getting ready for the premiere of Spun Out, for which he served as a writer. And he’ll be making jokes on Match Game this week!
Holly Deveaux
On Spun Out, Holly Deveaux plays Abby Hayes, the ex-gf and current roommate of failed writer-turned-PR wonk Beckett Ryan. Deveaux has recently made TV appearances on The Listener, Hemlock Grove, and Hannibal—and was caught chilling with her Spun Out castmate Rebecca Dalton at the Toronto Raptors game this past weekend.