Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
Candy corn is underrated. Way better than Rockets or Tootsie Rolls or hand-written insults, no matter what Stephen Colbert says.

The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams spent her Halloween in the spookiest way possible: witnessing a reenactment of the most phallic moments from a Miley Cyrus music video.

Over at the Bee-Jones household, Jason Jones taught his son how to stop fucking swearing.

Jonah Ray was on @midnight last night. He wore a suit jacket and tie. He has no idea how to dress grunge.

A truly sad tale from stand-up comedian Ali Wong, who also appeared on yesterday’s @midnight.

Nikki Glaser made an appearance on @midnight last week. No one should ever be jealous of a Great Dane for any reason—they are big and scary!

Ryan Belleville needs to learn that there’s nothing wrong with eating cold Chinese food for breakfast. It is natural. Side note: watch him on Match Game this week.

And Match Game host Darrin Rose aptly sums up the recipe for most hookups: getting drunk and happening upon a person you think is not not-cute.