TVs don't just shut down on the holidays—TVs are working 365 days per year. Here's what to laugh at on Comedy this week:
1. Chrismassy Christmas Eve sitcom specials marathon (December 24)
Aunt Pam might be related to you by blood, but your true family is your TV sitcom family. On Christmas Eve, tune out everything your genetic family is saying by turning up the volume on your fictional family as we bring you holiday episodes from some of your favourite shows. Comedy's Christmas Eve lineup includes reruns of Corner Gas, Seinfeld, Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Big Bang Theory. Visit our holiday schedule page for more detail.
3. A Very Big Bang Christmas (December 25 & 26)
Starting at 12:30pm ET on Christmas Day and running through to 11:00pm ET on Boxing Day, Comedy will be rerunning (and then re-running and then re-re-rerunning) the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory. That means you've got Christmas morning to wake up, unload your stocking, and kiss Aunt Pam on the cheek—before going into your den and zoning out with Sheldon et al.
3. Best of SNL marathon (Friday, December 27)
We've got over 24 hours' worth of classic Saturday Night Live episodes coming at you from just before midnight on December 27 through the early hours of December 28. Iconic hosts featured in our rerun roster include Bill Murray, Jerry Seinfeld, Norm Macdonald, Conan O'Brien, and (of course) Christopher Walken, as well as early 2000s teen heartthrobs like Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, and James Van Der Beek. Basically, this is your chance to relive the various times the Dawson's Creek cast members hosted SNL.
4. Inside Amy Schumer marathon (Saturday, December 28 @ midnight)
According to Amy Schumer's Twitter feed, principal photography on the second season of Inside Amy Schumer wrapped December 13. Which means it's time for a refresher on season one! Staring at midnight on the evening of December 28, join Amy as she once again frets over a sandwich, makes out with Amber Tamblyn, and catches her boyfriend sleeping with a clown.
5. Key & Peele marathon (December 29 @ midnight)
The Key & Peele finale aired last week, meaning it'll be a while before we get any new episodes. No problem: just watch their old episodes all over again. From midnight onwards on the night December 29, re-experience all the different wigs from season three.