During the opening segment on last night's Report, Stephen Colbert dressed up as an old-timey homeless man and fleeced his intern Jay for $20. (He also showed up in hobo/hobbit gear for his interview on The Late Show with David Letterman.) It may have been a gag, but he explained to his Twitter followers that he takes helping the homeless very seriously.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old boy Jason Mewes tweeted about his morning wood. See him talk about movies with Kevin Smith on Spoilers, airing Fridays at 9:30 ET.

Canadian comedian Mark Forward had some harsh words for his audience during his appearance on John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show this past week. And over on his Twitter feed, he had some tough love for Saint Nick.

Speaking of Mr. Claus, The Daily Show's Jason Jones decided to live tweet bringing his kids to see Santa at Macy's. You'll have to visit his feed for the full experience, but here's a sampling of the delightful day had by all:

Jones' wife Samantha Bee was also along for the Santa trip, and posted this photo of her husband minutes after he made that last tweet. She had her own wardrobe issues to contend with.

Rather than standing in line at the mall, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams is swanking it up at fancy-pants "luncheons." She is cooler than Barbara Walters!

We know American Thanksgiving was a couple weeks back. But were you aware of how Amy Schumer spent that holiday?

Usually Twitter is a slop pile of inane drivel piled on stupid swill doused with incoherent gibberish. But sometimes someone says something so profound it can only be accepted as bare truth. Like this tweet about buttholes from Jordan Peele.