This Stephen Colbert tweet seems out of character. Shouldn't he be pro pumping meat with pharmaceuticals?

Meanwhile, Jordan Peele wants you to keep your eyes off his steak.

Comedian Travon Free appears on this week's episode of John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show. If an endorsement from Bruce Springsteen isn't enough to get you to check him out, who even are you?
Mark Duplass was interviewed by Kevin Smith on last Friday's episode of Spoilers. He has almost 175,000 Twitter followers, which makes him approximately a Zeus-level god.

As we told you recently, our 2013 Just For Laughs Festival host Chris Locke taped a comedy album in Toronto last week. This week, he's a living room rock star.

And agreed re: this Debra DiGiovanni tweet. People who are organized enough to send Christmas cards are not actually people but either robots or alien butlers.

Over at The Daily Show, Jessica Williams is getting glamorous/greasy.

While Samantha Bee is preparing to glam up husband Jason Jones for Christmas.