If you're not watching Christmas movies this Christmas, what are you even doing? Spending time with your family? Laying out cookies for Santa? Opening presents? None of these things are as important as watching Christmas movies all day, every day until the end of Christmas Day.
Here are three quality Christmas movies airing on Comedy over the next week that will help you meet your Christmas-movie quota this holiday season:
Bad Santa
Saturday, December 21 @ 12am ET
Tuesday, December 24 @ 12am ET, 2am ET & 4am ET
Billy Bob Thornton stars as Willie T. Stokes, a vulgar, sex addicted, alcoholic, con-artist Santa Claus hating on the kids at a mall in Phoenix, Arizona. After Willie strikes up a quasi-friendship with Thurman Merman, an overweight eight-year-old with a fierce belief in Saint Nick, he's forced to confront the meaning of Christmas—or at least fight a bunch of children. Directed by Terry Zwigoff and featuring performances by Lauren Graham, John Ritter, and Bernie Mac, this one's for the Xmas grumps.

Eight Crazy Nights
Sunday, December 22 @ 12am ET
It's a Christmas movie about Jewish people! Adam Sandler co-wrote and stars in this 2002 animated musical about an boozy criminal named Davey Stone (voiced by Sandler) who must volunteer as a youth basketball referee as punishment for destroying his town's menorah/Santa ice sculpture. Featuring a performance by Rob Schneider and a "new instalment" of "The Chanukah Song," this one's for the SNL nostalgics.

Elf Marathon
Monday, December 23 @ 12am ET, 2am ET & 4am ET
Santa is coming Christmas Eve, but on the eve of Christmas Eve, expect a visit from a 6'3, crazy-eyed elf in yellow tights. Overnight on December 23, we're giving you three chances to catch Will Ferrell in Elf: the first showing is at 12:00am ET, followed by repeat broadcasts at 2:00am ET and 4:00am ET. See the trailer below!