Kevin McAllister still loves cheese pizza. A few weeks ago, a video was released on YouTube showing a glum-faced Macaulay Culkin eating a slice of takeout pie while looking like his dog just died. Released just in time for everyone's pre-Christmas Home Alone re-viewings, the clip was in fact a promo for his band Pizza Underground, a pizza-themed themed Velvet Underground tribute band. (Or alternately: a Velvet Underground–themed pizza tribute band.) And now Pizza Underground has released their first music video, which you can watch here. (The original video is being contested by EMI over copyright claims.)
This is the type of video that was made for @midnight: viral-y, nostalgic, kinda stupid, and covered in grease. On last night's episode, comedians Moshe Kasher, Grace Helbig, and Doug Benson weighed in on whether this is a good career move for Culkin, or if he's spilling the Pepsi on the pizza all over again.
See the clip below, or click here to watch last night's full episode of @midnight.