Every night @midnight, one comedian is named Funniest Person in the World for the Next Twenty-Three and a Half Hours. Or for the weekend, if it’s Thursday’s show.

Here’s who reigned this week:
Monday’s winner: Kumail Nanjiani
Runner up: Andrea Savage
Total loser: Paul Scheer
The final test: Write an inner monologue for the creepy guy from this stock footage clip, posted a few months back on wimp.com, which shows one dude glowering at the camera while a group of blurry business associates perform some sort of cultish bureaucratic ritual in the background.
Nanjiani’s winning thought: "Tell me when you start recording. #butts"
Full episode: right here.
Tuesday’s winner: Doug Benson
Runner up: Judd Apatow
Total loser: Grace Helbig
The final test: Reply to this Bloomington, Indiana Craiglist missed connection from New Year's Eve, written by a 25-year-old woman who cried outside a bar before getting kissed by a mystery man who then peed his pants and ran away. Just like in When Harry Met Sally!
Benson's winning reply response: "That wasn't pee, and that's why I thought you were crying."
Full episode: right here.
Wednesday’s winner: Ike Barinholtz
Runner up: Jenny Slate
Total loser: Tom Lennon
The final test: Come up with an inscription for a proposed seven-foot statue for the Oklahoma state capitol, designed by Satanists, that depicts a goat-headed Baphomet flanked by two adorable Oklahoma children.
Barinholtz’ winning imprint: "THANK YOU MY BELIEBERS"
Full episode: right here.
Thursday’s winner: Mike Lawrence
Runner up: Kurt Braunohler
Total loser: Kristen Schaal
The final test: Name the folder in which this photo gallery of someone's pantyhose nightmare would be located on their computer. The imgur user who uploaded the pics said they were found in a folder called "Smudge" on someone's lost hard drive, but clearly comedians can do better than that.
Lawrence’s winning name: "The world's only ugly mixed race child"
Full episode: right here.