Every night @midnight, one comedian is named Funniest Person in the World for the Next Twenty-Three and a Half Hours. Or for the weekend, if it’s Thursday’s show.

Here’s who reigned this week:
Monday’s winner: Arden Myrin
Runner up: Rob Huebel
Total loser: Al Madrigal
The final test: Write a comment on the Facebook event for this adorable British lady's 100th birthday party, for which she hired a stripper to give her a lap dance—and specifically requested "The Full Monty."
Myrin’s winning comment: "Never used Bengay as lube before. Thanks for making my balls tingle. xoxo Channing Tatum"
Full episode: right here.
Tuesday’s winner: Weird Al Yankovic
Runner up: Scott Aukerman
Total loser: Brian Posehn
The final test: Write an Amazon review of Teethers, the artisanal vegan teething cookie, in the voice of the possibly-high-on-marijuana baby featured in the Teethers advertisement.
Weird Al's winning review: "OMG… Teethers is people… TEETHERS IS PEOPLE!!!!!"
Full episode: right here.
Wednesday’s winner: Sean O'Connor
Runner up: Annie Lederman
Total loser: Julian McCullough
The final test: Respond to a panicked Craigslist ad from a drunk Baltimore man in need of a responsible, non-rapist driver to escort him to a Taco Bell drive-through during a snowstorm.
O'Connor's winning response: "very interested. does acquittal count? yours truly, kobe bryant."
Full episode: right here.
Thursday’s winner: Jon Daly
Runner up: Julie Klausner
Total loser: Horatio Sanz
The final test: Write an Amazon review for a candle accidentally bitten by an old lady in a video posted recently to Vine. Reviews had to be from the perspective of the old lady, who though the candle was a chocolate.
Daly's winning response: "0 stars – Im getting too old for this s**t. – Signed, Granny Glover"  
Full episode: right here.