Canadian actor Jared Keeso is about to star in the police drama 19-2, premiering January 29 at 9e 6p on Bravo. But before getting his badge, Keeso was just a small-town boy complaining about his small-town problems in the small town of Letterkenny, Ontario. Well, on YouTube at least. A little under a year ago, Keeso and fellow actor Nathan Dales launched Letterkenny Problems, a web series about two guys from Letterkenny (now an Ontario ghost town) who have a lot of things to grouch about. Like, for example, the lack of All Dressed chips in the United States.
In addition to accumulating millions of views on YouTube, Letterkenny Problems was also just nominated for Best Web Series at the Canadian Screen Awards. Check out what all the whines are about in the video below, during which the guys tell off some hockey snobs.