Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
We regret to inform you that Stephen Colbert did not win the award he wasn't nominated for at Sunday's Golden Globes.

Jenny Slate was the runner up on last Wednesday's episode of @midnight. And she'll probably be slurping a giant juice on the season premiere of Kroll Show tonight at 10:30pm ET on Much. In real life, she drinks something called "acupuncturists tea."

Tom Lennon didn't even make it to the final round when he made his third appearance on @midnight (against Jenny Slate) last Wednesday. Maybe he consoled himself with a bucket of fried chicken.

Someone who did win @midnight was Kyle Kinane, who's also been tweeting about bottom-of-the-barrel fast food venues lately. This was part of a series on Taco Bell.

Mike Lawrence was the big winner on Thursday's @midnight! And today is his birthday! Happy birthday to you and your beard!

Debra DiGiovanni kicked off the first leg of her cross-Canada tour last week. No word on her on-the-road beauty regime.

In the tweet below, Kumail Nanjiani reveals a startling truth about people's "surprised" selfies. His stand-up special, Beta Male, airs this Friday at 2am ET on Comedy.

And Samantha Bee had a hard day.