Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
During her interview with Kevin Smith on Spoilers a few weeks back, Mindy Kaling discussed her roots as a playwright and stage performer. And judging by this tweet, she's still an expert on all things related to live theatre.

Anyone who has their own comedy special—like Owen Benjamin, whose special you can watch right here—probably has enough money to afford at least a room in a shared house.

Scott Aukerman was the runner-up on last Tuesday's @midnight. If he were making the rules, there'd be no winners or losers, only fuzzy feelings all around.

On Wednesday's @midnight, Annie Lederman came in second place. Watch the episode to see if she made any daddy jokes.

The person Lederman beat during her @midnight appearance was Julian McCullough. It's okay, though, because he wouldn't even have wanted the prize anyway. If there was a prize, I mean.

On the more adorable side, Stephen Colbert is probably at home painting teenie tiny pictures of teenie tiny landscapes right now.

Jason Jones is right: a lot of celebrities are doing probably-insanely-high-paying voiceover work these days. That, or Ed Harris thought voicing a Home Depot commercial was just the challenge he needed after Pain & Gain.

And Kristen Schaal got self-deprecating about her misunderstanding of self-deprecation.