Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
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As @midnight host Chris Hardwick pointed out, Valentine's Day is just a corporate holiday designed to make skywriters a moderately decent living.

Last Tuesday's @midnight victor was Nikki Glaser. She won't be buying any office supplies with the $0 she won.

Dan Soder makes the best of things. Like losing @midnight to Nikki Glaser. Or having a doctor stick their fingers up his bum.

On a more sophisticated note, Matt Braunger, last Wednesday's @midnight champ, was hoping to take violin classes from a chimp.

And on a less sophisticated—but still jungle-related—note, Stephen Colbert is scared of getting pooped on by a crocodile. 

Aziz Ansari may be joking here, but lot of people would probably pay money for this. 

Also, it's hard to tell if this new nickname for Big Bird, invented by Samantha Bee's 3-year-old, is funny or sad.