Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
Match Game panelist Sean Cullen's Just For Laughs: The Masters special airs this Thursday at 10:30pm ET. If he has a lot of zits, it's not because he didn't wash his face or he ate too many chocolate bars.

Meanwhile, Match Game host Darrin Rose is planning his approach to parenting.

While her husband Jason Jones was trolling around Moscow (aka Sochi-ish) in a Canada Goose parka, Samantha Bee had a traumatic experience.

And Stephen Colbert tried to appeal to the youth demographic by becoming a Buzzfeed community member.

@midnight executive producer Thomas Lennon competed on the show for the fourth time last Tuesday—and he finally finished second, rather than last. Over on Twitter, he was coming up with Nathan Fielder–esque business ideas.

The person Lennon beat was Natasha Leggero—who probably sent herself an apology card afterwards.

Jen Kirkman was last Thursday's @midnight runner up. The kid she's talking about is either an idiot or not old enough to understand math/time.

And while Matt Walsh was Wednesday's @midnight winner, he was a Valentine's Day loser.