Listen up, all you Key & Peelesters (promise never to call you that again): we’ve got a truckload of good news. First off, Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan’s Peele’s sketch comedy series has been renewed for a fourth season by Comedy Central, slated for this fall. Perhaps you already knew that, but you probably didn’t know it’s been expanded from a scrawny eight to ten episodes to a Godzilla-sized 22.

You think that’s all we have to say about stuff? Hold on to your butts, because an animated spinoff based on their Critiquer’s Corner characters Vandaveon and Mike is currently in the works. According to Entertainment Weekly, “The potential animated series will follow 12-year-old Vandaveon and Mike as hall monitors navigating their way through middle school.” In case you didn’t know how well Key & Peele has been doing, the third season averaged two million viewers. Yeah, pretty legit.

One more bit of comedy-related renewal news, CBS recently renewed television's most-watched comedy through the 2016-2017 season. Can you guess what show that is? Here’s’ a hint: it rhymes with The Big Bang Theory. Why is this relevant to us? The show airs on Comedy Monday to Friday at 8:30ep – so there!