Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
Last week, Stephen Colbert made the controversial decision to debut his "Laser Khan" cartoon, despite Viacom's concerns. He still insists he's not racist.

Rob Delaney won @midnight last Monday. Visit his Twitter feed for a never-ending stream of similarly depraved pickup lines.

Last Thursday's @midnight champ was Grace Helbig. Her eyebrows looked normal.

And while Hannah Hart lost to Helbig during her @midnight appearance, this screenplay idea is a winner. The whole movie would obviously be about a kid trying to get someone to let go of his Eggo.

Mamrie Hart has no relation to Hannah. But they did fight it out on the same episode of @midnight. And she will also fight anyone who tries to serve her frozen pizza.

Wait, is Jason Jones saying everything in Mexico doesn't actually look like this?

Someone send Debra DiGiovanni a get-well card! Or at least a bucket!

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