Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.
It was just announced that a new season of Inside Amy Schumer premieres April 1! Which will come once winter/March/SXSW decides to finally end.

And a new season of Just For Laughs: All Access begins this coming Sunday, March 23 at 9e 6p. Comedian/poet/dick pic recipient Sarah Silverman will be among the stars featured this year.

Matt Mira won @midnight last Wednesday. And this tweet proves he also wins at dream-achievement.

Kyle Kinane may have lost @midnight last Thursday, but he probably nailed this tweet. Somewhere, some douchebag is giving up breathing or sleeping or eating for Lent just to be a smug jerk about it.

Nikki Glaser was the one who beat Kinane on last Thursday's @midnight. She's currently petitioning the Oxford English Dictionary to get "triple" changed to "trippple."

During her appearance on the show, Glaser also defeated Steve Agee. Sleep-crawling babies are the stuff of Ally McBeal's nightmares.

Video On Trial critic Hunter Collins' new comedy album, Nincompoop, is now available for purchase via iTunes. Guess nincompoops don't own nice linens.

And it's only been one night since Stephen Colbert went on hiatus, but I already miss him. At least we have this tweet to tide us over until next week.