There are only three more brand new, hour-long episodes of Just For Laughs: All Access season 2, and the only way to stop yourself from crying about this is to tune in on Sunday for a new episode featuring the usual assortment of world-class comedians telling you their best jokes. Let's mentally prepare you for the onslaught of laughter you're body will experience Sunday at 9ep by telling you of your assaulters:

Darrin Rose

If you've spent any TV time watching Comedy, then you already know who Darrin Rose is. If you don't watch Comedy, I'm not sure why you're reading this, but for the sake of information, he's the host of Match Game AND a side-splitting stand-up comedian, performing all over North America. Here's a short clip from this week's episode:

Elon Gold

Elon Gold is known for his spot-on impressions and for starring in the short-lived sitcom Stacked alongside Pamela Anderson. His performance on JFL:AA will likely concentrate more on the former rather than the latter, but let's see what it looks like when everything gets mashed together:

Simon King

Based on his name alone, you can probably tell that Simon is of British ancestry, but despite being born in England, he grew up and Canada and even lost the accent that would otherwise make him sound smart. King's jokes come fast and furious as evidenced in this clip from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival where he rants about religion, gay rights and how awful babies are:

Ben Kronberg

As a contestant on the latest season of Last Comic Standing, Kronberg made some waves recently when Roseanne--a judge on the show--told him to "go fuck himself". Click over to here to get the full scoop, which is a pretty interesting read on how TV shows craft episodes by editing out certain parts. Anyway, Ben's doing just fine without the approval of a major network game show as you'll find out on Sunday. Here's a sneak peak:

Emily Heller

Emily was a "new face" at the 2012 edition of the Just For Laughs festival, and by 2013 she was an old enough face for us to tape her set for Sunday's episode. She's  been all over comedy recently with spots on Conan and John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, as well as maintaining a very hilarious twitter account. Here's a small slice of what you'll see this weekend, with Emily talkin' Frasier:

Win a Date with Kristen Schaal (w/ Kurt Braunohler)

Kristen and Kurt used to perform this segment at their long-running live show Hot Tub, which started in New York and relocated to L.A. Now you can see the famous bit, which counts a pre-fame Andrew Garfield as a winner, without leaving the safe confines of our home and native land. Here are the pair being their usual, silly, surreal selves: