Corner Gas wrapped up its wonderful run back in 2009, but it looks like there's still tons of interest in the gang from Dog River, if their Kickstarter campaign is any indication. Launched on Tuesday, the campaign sought to raise $100,000 to get Corner Gas: The Movie off the ground, and a mere 24 hours later, they had their money with support from around the world. 

"The way people have responded to this show has been blowing me away since that first episode. I thought nothing the fans could do would surprise me anymore. But to reach a month long target in one day is beyond incredible. CORNER GAS fans blow my mind yet again," said Creator/Star/Writer and Executive Producer Brent Butt.
“This campaign has put us directly in touch with fans across Canada and around the world. We are so thankful for their support and are looking forward to engaging with them during production and all the way to the release of the movie coming to theatres, then TV, then DVD this holiday season,” said Virginia Thompson, Executive Producer.

Even though they've reached their goal, the campaign will continue to raise money to fund better special effects, special DVD features and to fly the cast out to premieres across Canada. If you are a fan and would like to contribute, you might even qualify for a Kickstarter perk. Some of the perks that have already been claimed include:

• For $6000, one backer purchased a brief speaking role in the movie
• For $2500, 10 backers purchased the opportunity to play a background role in the movie
• For $1500, six backers purchased a VIP set visit and opportunity to meet the cast
• For $750, three backers purchased the opportunity to provide the first and last name of a character in the movie
• For $750, one backer purchased a personalized voice message from Brent Butt
• The rewards packages listed above included a host of additional items including exclusive ‘backers-only’ t-shirts, hats, DVDs, movie tickets, membership to the Corner Gas Backers’ Club and much more

The 90-minute film will begin production in Saskatchewan this June and when completed the film will open with a Cineplex exclusive theatrical debut followed by premieres on The Movie Network, CTV, and The Comedy Network, complemented by a special collector’s edition DVD available for purchase before the holidays. 

Check out for updates and info and definitely swing by the Kickstarter page to donate or to simply watch the dollars fly in.

**As of 10:00am today, the campaign is up to $156,203!**