The Houston Rockets are currently embroiled in a tight playoff series against Portland with star center Dwight Howard playing a pivotal role after a terrible stint with Lakers. Who could’ve predicted Howard’s success? Hannibal Buress! The Chicago-bred comedian and Chris Locke chatted last July at Just For Laughs about hoops, Canadians getting on his monthly show and Winnipeg, and instead of getting a time machine and going back to watch it go down, you can just start the video below.
Hannibal will be a part of Sunday’s new episode of Just For Laughs: All Access alongside Kristen Schaal, Maria Bamford, Nick Turner and Eddie Della Siepe, all performing exclusive sets you won’t see anywhere else. Tune in at 9ep then go to bed memorizing all the best jokes so you can use them to impress the vending machine guy on Monday so that he’ll give you free treats.