Stand-up comedy albums have enjoyed a renaissance of late, but sketch albums in the tradition of Monty Python and Adam Sandler aren’t as common. Just yesterday the genre received a much needed shot in the arm courtesy of Toronto-based, award winning sketch duo Ladystache, who released their first album titled So Many Wolves on Comedy Records.

The hard-working duo has been a fixture in the Toronto community for years now, with both performers enjoying success inside and outside of Ladystache. Steph Tolev is an accomplished stand-up while Allison Hogg has split time betwee Ladytache and Toronto sketch institution The Sketchersons. The chemistry and fearlessness that’s been their calling card is on full display on Wolves, as the duo portrays a wide range of characters that poke fun at male and female personality types well deserving of ridicule. Unlike a lot of sketch troupes, there is no designated “straight woman” in Ladystache as both Hogg and Tolev are adept at doing both crazy and normal, which keeps the album flowing nicely from one uncomfortable situation to the next.  

The highlight might just be a hilarious sketch about Bjork appearing at a kids’ summer camp with Hogg doing a spot on impression of the Icelandic singer. Other standouts include a hockey game bit that takes a signature Ladystache turn and the four Voicemail tracks scattered throughout that tie it all together.   

With summer hopefully almost here, this is the kind of album that you put on for your friends during a trip up north and end up quoting the whole weekend. You can download your very own copy of So Many Wolves from iTunes. Check out one of the tracks below!