Back in February, Canadian comedian and actor Mark Forward (Mr. D, Just For Laughs, The Late Late Show), released his first album, the hilarious Things I thought of. It’s a great title for an album that truly feels like a trip through the comedian’s psyche, rather than just a bunch of standard observations strung together.  

The album is weird and wonderful, fully showcasing Forward’s ability to craft unique jokes with totally unexpected punchlines. While a lot of comics rely on segues, Forward takes listeners on a strange, whimsical journey of jokes sprinkled with some great musical bits, executed without feeling gimmicky but rather part of the whole. By the time the first track is over you immediately start wondering what is going to come next, helping the album flow from one track to the next. Forward’s onstage persona is cocky and vitriolic while managing to be really silly at the same time, owning his audience by playing with their expectations and reacting naturally to the odd shout from the crowd.

A lot of laughs come at the expense of animals as Forward’s got bits about bees, dogs, extinct mammals, hawks and an epic tale about chipmunks that makes up the album’s epic closer, Trevor and Lisa. Past that, there’s a wide range of topics including vaginas, Swiss Chalet, shopping carts and ghosts. If we were to describe the tracks any more it might ruin unpredictable nature of the jokes, so you should probably just buy it and listen for yourself.  You can get it on iTunes right here and for the full experience, go check out Mark live, performing all over the place. Here he is making Craig Ferguson laugh: