As the second season of Just For Laughs: All Access winds down, we’re starting to get excited about taping season three, which will take place at the end of July during the big Montreal festival. Just as our parents warned us not to get too excited about Christmas until imminent, let’s focus on these last couple of episodes because they’re just as much a gift as going to Montreal and stuffing our faces with smoked meat and poutine while watching the best comedians in the world. Catch the second last episode of Just For Laughs: All Access season two this Sunday at 9ep.

Jeff Ross – Speed Roast

We’ve enjoyed watching Jeff Ross roast huge celebrities for years, but what’s it like when roasts regular people like you and me? You’ll find out on Sunday when Jeff “speed roasts” members of the audience. Here's the Roastmaster General taking it to visual artist, James Franco:

Wil Anderson

Wil is an Australian comedian who has also found success hosting TV shows and securing regular guest appearances on Chelsea Lately. Here’s a sneak peak of his JFL:AA set where he talks about what it would be like for Steve Jobs in heaven:


Sommore is a seasoned vet who is one of the “Queens of Comedy” along with Mo'Nique, Laura Hayes, and Adele Givens. You know how all the best soccer players only have one name? The same goes for comedy. Here’s Sommore on the Aresenio Hall show talking about Christmas, which I can’t seem to get out my head ever since I mentioned it in the opening paragraph.

Rory Scovel

We saw Rory perform a few sets at JFL last year and he is one of the most inventive comics working today. You might recognize him from Ground Floor or from his appearances on Conan alongside Jon Dore. Check out the high energy comic talking about getting high in this clip from this week’s episode:

Bobby Mair

Bobby is Canadian but moved to England and has found some huge success there, appearing on The Hour, Russell Howard’s Good News, Sweat the Small Stuff and 8 Out of 10 Cats. I don’t know what half these shows are but the fact that they have their own Wikipedia pages means they’re totally legit. Here’s Bobby on that Good News show, which has enough of a budget for customized performer backgrounds:

Rebecca Kohler

Rebecca has been a consistently funny comedian on the Toronto scene for years and had a very good 2013 winning the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Taping and Best Female Stand-Up in a Best of Toronto reader’s poll. Did you win anything last year? I didn’t. Here’s Rebecca giving a little tip about men's nail care in a short clip from this Sunday’s episode:

Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman looks more like a quarterback than a comedian, but don’t let his good looks fool you – he’s super funny. I saw Gary perform this Discman bit in New York once and I instantly fell in love with his brain after instantly falling in love with his handsomeness the minute he took the stage: