After a two week hiatus, our triumvirate of side-splitting late night shows is back with new episodes! Be sure to check out Daily and Colbert as they attempt to catch up on the chunks of news they were absent for such as the World Cup, escalating violence in Israel and Palestine, Obama getting sued by congress and Rob Ford returning from rehab.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

It’s a great week of guests if Jerry Seinfeld is on your show and he’s not even the top seed—that honour is bestowed upon former Secretary of State and potential presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, who will sit in the chair tomorrow to talk about her book Hard Choices. The hardest choice I had to make today was whether to use bar soap or body wash in the shower. 

MONDAY: Dahlia Lithwick (writer for Slate)
TUESDAY: Hilary Clinton (former US Secretary of State)
WEDNESDAY: Jerry Seinfeld (comedian – promoting “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”)
THURSDAY: Emma Stone (actress – promoting movie “Magic in the Moonlight”)

The Colbert Report

What this week’s guests lack in raw star power compared to the Daily Show, they more than make up for with their smarts and somewhat hilarious names. 

MONDAY: Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich (Radio Hosts)
TUESDAY: Vint Cerf (Vice President of Google)
Mayor Bill de Blasio (NYC Mayor)
THURSDAY: Steven M. Wise (Lawyer)


They’re not really guests so much as contestants so it wouldn’t be fair to compare them to Hilary Clinton, but go ahead and do it anyway if you want to bring down the self-esteem of a bunch of comedians who likely deal with low self-esteem already.

MONDAY: Matt Besser, Dannah Phirman, Danielle Schneider
TUESDAY:  Paul F. Tompkins, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Scott Aukerman
Seth Morris, John Ross Bowie, Peter Serafinowicz 
THURSDAY: Wil Wheaton, Aisha Tyler, Kevin Pereira