The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The men's washroom in the green room is going to stay spotless all week. 

MONDAY: Sonia Nazario (author – promoting book “Enrique's Journey”)
TUESDAY: Sara Firth (former correspondent for Russia Today)
WEDNESDAY: Maggie Gyllenhaal (actress – promoting Sunday TV show “The Honorable Woman”)
THURSDAY: Aubrey Plaza (actress – promoting movie “Life After Beth”)

The Colbert Report

Pretty cool that James Franco named his new movie after his overly supportive mother's nickname for him.

MONDAY: Beck (Album, "Morning Phase")
TUESDAY: Jon Batiste and Stay Human (Album, "Social Music")
WEDNESDAY: James Franco (Director, Actor, "Child of God")
THURSDAY: Campbell Brown (Partnership for Educational Justice)


We caught sets from Emily Heller and Mike Lawrence at Just For Laughs last week and they were both very funny, quelling the myth that comedians on @midnight aren't actors who play comedians. 

MONDAY: Phil Hanley, Nikki Glaser, Joe DeRosa
Morgan Murphy, Jay Larson, Chad Daniels 
WEDNESDAYHasan Minhaj, Matt Braunger, Emily Heller
THURSDAY: Mike Lawrence, Jen Kirkman, Jermaine Fowler