Toronto summers are known for hot, humid weather and road construction that makes driving in an already clogged city that much more frustrating. On July 3, comedian Pat Thornton (Hotbox, Satisfaction, Match Game), tweeted the following:
The Twitter world waited patiently but as the days wore on it became increasingly clear that, much like Toronto’s summer construction, it could be awhile before the tweet sees completion:
What began as excitement within the comedy community has turned to frustration and despair, with some big names chiming in:

Brent Butt promoting the superiority of Vancouver:

You Gotta Eat Here host John Catucci angered over the misuse of tax dollars:
The Listener’s Ennis Esmer is re-arranging travel plans in anticipation:
Mark Forward, host of CTV Extend’s new show Joke or Choke, is having NONE of this:
The latest from Pat indicates that we may see the tweet tonight, so give him a follow and wait with baited breath along with the rest of us.